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A baby’s first year is packed with milestones and ‘firsts’! From holding their head up to sitting up and eating solids and more… The move from a milk-based diet to ‘real food’ is a huge milestone and it also brings with it a whole heap of new challenges.
Most babies start their journey into the world of ‘real food’ with cereal or porridge. The next stage is usually purees of fruit, veggies, and meats and, eventually a mixture of all of the above.
This is when you’ll find yourself on the hunt for the best steamer and blender, which will soon become one of your most used kitchen appliances.
So here comes my new toy – the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender. It’s a godsend for the busy mum with a brand new eater.

For those who don’t know, Tommee Tippee is the number one baby feeding accessories brand in the UK and one of the top brands of infant products and accessories in the global market. The brand was recently awarded consumer Superbrands status in the 20135 survey.

So when I was given the chance to review the Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender and it came with the tagline “Making Weaning Easy” I was very keen to give it a go. It’s an all-in-one with just one touch of a button.
With everything being done in one gadget you save on washing up while preserving nutrients and taste with the healthy steaming method of all the ingredients which you then blend from first tastes smooth to toddler chunky.

It comes with a really useful leaflet inside the box that gives you recommended timings for the most common vegetables. I don’t cook in the kitchen very often so this was a real help as I probably would have undercooked them left to my own devices.

The sleek design of the blender comes with two freezer pots, for storage of the food when blended and a small spatula. It also comes with a handy guide on timings for steaming and blending. One of the most attractive features it advertises is the fact you can steam then blend all in one cycle, no need to transfer or change any pots or add any more water.
Next, the control panel is so user-friendly. You simply press ‘steam’ then the (+) and (-) button to input your time, press the blend and input the time again, then press the main middle button to start. You can also steam or blend separately if you wish and can easily adjust steaming time and blending time to create your perfect consistency.
During steaming, the water tank and food container parts both lock for safety and no steam escape the gadget during use so is safe from the heat.

At first I was a bit concerned that it wouldn’t blend as well as a standard blender and not produce the greatest consistency, but actually I’m so impressed with this, especially with foods like carrot, broccoli, pumpkin, it’s been really smooth which is what you need for the very beginnings of weaning. Have a look at a few ‘action shots’ below.

The best part is it also comes with some fabulous recipe cards along with some delicious recipes on the website to get you started. Choose from nutritionist approved purees and mashes, that cater for the full weaning spectrum, from little bubs to toddlers.


Able to preserve nutrients and flavor by the healthy steaming method.
Blends easily with a range of textures for every weaning stage
User-friendly as no transfer between steaming and blending
Automatic timer so you can just set, leave and simply serve or store
Small number of parts for easy cleaning
It’s BPA Free for ultimate reassurance
It’s a Made for Mums GOLD Best Product for Weaning 2017

Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender is the simplest way to prepare and I think is a must-have gadget and a good investment if you decided to go down the traditional weaning route.

Prior to pregnancy, I never had any serious acne problems. But ever since I got pregnant last year, I started to have severe acne breakouts on my face. It was like a warzone… I felt like I had the most horrible skin with cysts and bumps appearing almost everywhere, particularly on my forehead and chin. The thought of seeking medical treatment did cross my mind during the pregnancy stage last year. However, being much of a traditional woman (patang), I was very afraid that the medications would affect my baby. Not wanting to take any risks, I decided to avoid taking medications at all costs and chose to wait. Thinking that the breakouts would only last during pregnancy stage and will clear after childbirth, I was extremely wrong. The situation only got uncontrollably worse after the birth of my baby boy. I am not exaggerating but this is seriously what happened to my face. The breakouts continued and the pimple scars were not clearing at all!

With the several acne breakouts and scars that were not clearing, I was extremely depressed. I had never really faced with such serious acne breakouts in my entire life before. Not only was it visually unsightly, the volume of inflammation on my face also caused much redness and irritation. For the first time, I was really desperate at that moment. I did a little research to find out what was really happening to me. I realised I was actually suffering from postpartum acne which is caused by a severe fluctuation in hormones that your body goes through immediately after childbirth. Some women in their postpartum days’ experience severe acne breakouts while others may only have a few small pimples here and there. Apparently, my case was the former one. I had no choice but to seek medical advice and treatment from Dr Chiam, Face, Body and Skin Aesthetic Medical Centre (FBS).

Dr Chiam recommended me to undergo a QuadroStar Pro Yellow Laser treatment. This treatment is one of the latest laser technologies in the market and I was told that it can be used to treat a variety of common skin conditions such as:
● Pigmentations
● Redness of skin, or rosacea
● Acne
● Small vessels on the face
● Enlarged pores
● Skin tags

As FBS is the first clinic in Singapore to own this laser machine, it has a wealth of experience in using this machine. I was advised that most patients had noticed a visible brightening of the skin even after just one treatment, therefore they also affectionately call this laser their “Brightening laser”. The treatment carries minimal downtime for the patient and any redness experienced after the laser usually resolves within a couple of hours. There might be mild scabbing of pigment areas 3-4 days after the treatment but in general, the treatment usually poses no inconvenience for our patients.

I had to say I was really impressed after my first treatment. There was some redness afterwards, but it’s perfectly normal and it goes away really quickly. I did see did see a noticeable improvement in my skin condition after the laser treatment as some of my pimples have subsided. Many people would be concerned of the pain but I would say that it was not painful at all. It was a fast process and it just felt like ant bites which lasted only for a few seconds. Do stay tuned to find out more about my subsequent treatments which I will be going for to clear my pimple scars.

See result after a few treatment less than 3 months. By right should take more than 6 months to cure. There’s big difference.

I really love their wide-range of services and home care products. If you are currently experiencing other types of skin conditions, FBS also offer holistic aesthetic treatments ranging from hydra facials, ski boosters, lasers, V-lifts and body contouring. They also have their own line of all-natural skincare products ranging from cleansers, toners, moisturizers and essences. These paraben-free products are all made in Switzerland and are formulated for normal to sensitive skin types.

Gain back my smooth and radiance skin for filming new projects.

So if you need more information or would like to book an appointment for a skin/ body consultation, you can contact them directly at:

Tel: (65) 62351125
Fax: (65) 6235 2605
Address: 290 Orchard Road
#09-23 to 27, 30/31
Paragon (Lift Lobby C) Singapore 238859


Finally, I’ve made it through the first year of parenthood! It feels like just yesterday when I gave birth to Anson and brought him home. Time flies indeed. Now, Anson just had his first Superman-themed birthday party. Even though some might say why celebrate when the baby won’t even be able to remember the party, it is important to believe that a child’s first birthday should definitely be a day to celebrate as it marks a very special milestone in the child’s life. Moreover, all the memories and moments captured in photos and videos allow us as parents, to relive the moment again and share with him about it when he gets older. After all, I don’t think I can have a say organizing his 21st birthday party.

For me, being able to celebrate the first year of being a mother to my child is a milestone I will never want to forget as I managed to give birth to a healthy baby even though I have a rare medical condition.
(For those who is interested in my birth story, here’s the link…)

Knowing how to plan the first birthday party can be tough. So, if you’re looking to throw a first birthday party for your little one, here are some (not exhaustive) tips for planning the perfect birthday bash for your loved ones. From venue to decoration, I’ve got everything covered.

There are 3 major ingredients that go into every party: Venue, Theme, and Activities. Having them all aligned is important to throw a successful party. The most important part of the party (in addition to the birthday boy/girl), is where the party is going to be held, because the actual location will determine the theme, atmosphere, the number of turn up, as well as, the food for the party.

Here are some important questions you should ask yourself before booking a party venue:
Size of the party room?
Amount of time allocated for the party?
What time is the room available for set-up?
How crowded is the place?
How many other parties will be happening at the same time?
How is the seating arrangement?
Can I bring in external activities or entertainment?
Is Sound System available?
Able to decorate the venue?

Another important thing to enquire about is definitely on the FOOD. Most places do include food in their party package, but the selection can be very limited.

Here are some of the questions you will have to check:
What types of kid’s food?
Can I choose the food?
How much food is included per child?
What will be the charges if I bring outside food & drinks for the babies and kids?
Are party plates, tablecloths and cutlery included?

After one month of planning and sourcing for venues, my husband and I have decided to host our son’s 1st Birthday party @ Blisshouse theme restaurant. This was a 100% right decision due to its amazing ambience and central location which made it easily accessible. Not forgetting, the main reason is also because my husband and I had celebrated our wedding anniversary here a year ago when Anson BB was still in my belly.

Named after a legendary love story, the restaurant allure lies in its fantasy, fairy tale interior. It is definitely hard not to feel a sense of bliss when dining here. Entering Blisshouse is like a step into a whimsical garden planted with numerous photo opportunity spots; carriage, water fountain, porch swing, grand piano. There is even a mini bridge for you to cross over from the bar to the inner side of the restaurant, where my baby’s first birthday party was held. It is a super instagram-worthy place. Most of my friends were not even aware that such a wonderful hang out place exists.

I was told that many couples do come here to have their wedding shots taken here and was surprised that there is even a mini makeup studio and changing room available too. Blisshouse has played host to not just wedding solemnizations, but many events such as product launches and workshops, birthday parties and various artiste meet-the-fans sessions as well.

Just drop them an email or call them up on your request and they will try their best to cater to how you want your dream celebrations to be! They can also arrange buffet style setup if you wish to just like mine.

On their menu, you can get to find an array of classic Italian dishes alongside some modern European cuisine, which comes as beautifully presented as the restaurant itself.

Their General Manager, Alex whom I liaised with really gave me professional advices on the seating arrangements, suggestions on where to place the decorations e.g. banner and welcome board and the buffet setup.

To Alex, Danial and the staff, thank you for all the help and service for making my baby boy’s birthday party such a success! All my family and friends were very pleased with the food and prompt services. I will definitely be back for more.

A photo with the boss Alex and Danial

Thanks to Fun at Balloons for the creative nice Captain America Deco. @funatballoons
Lady Boss Fiona

Thanks to Dessert.cup for the yummy pretty 3 tier cake, cake pop and cupcake. They have so many flavors to choose from. @dessert.cup

Thanks to my best emcee Vivien for the balloon show and Sweetheart the Clown show to entertain my kids guest.
Nice design by talented Vivien

Not to forget colorful poster and gift bag tag as well as milestone board designed by Fadzlina from @colourmyparty, and she also owned another design company call Engraved Memories. (

Thanks to Tiny T Diaper Cake for the Captain America diaper. I used it as photoshoot props too.

Anson’s outfit by Tiny Babies

Videographer by Jamie Chua

Also check out the nice place of blissful house

Blisshouse Singapore
6 Eu Tong Seng Street
The Central, Singapore
S (059817)
Tel: 62255532

Uber Aesthetic Treatment

With Lady Boss Connie

Nobody is perfect, just like no one will ever think he/she looks perfect. I always complain about my chubby looking face and how it expands when is on screen, which surprisingly a lot of people envy about my chubby face and fuller cheek bone as it makes me look young, but to be honest, I still hoping for a slimmer face.
As for my nose, from the view of my side profile, many said I have a high nasal bone. However, you will see that my nose is actually not pointy enough and the gap between my eyes should be closer. Moreover, I have a short forehead which causes my face to look even wider. Preparing to film for upcoming Channel 8 drama 知星人, I decided I must do something about it to enhance my overall personal image.

Last month I was invited by Affluent PR to “The Science Behind Beauty” workshop to learn about some popular face aesthetic treatments in the market being offered in Uber Aesthetic Clinic.
This workshop reveals a series of non-invasive procedures which can be safely used for the face and body. Led by a team of renowned doctors, Dr. Frank Lee, Dr. Shane Abucewicz Tan and Dr. Justin Boey, you can expect a high level of top-notch aesthetic treatments using the latest technologies at Uber Aesthetic which includes Tread left, Coolsculpting, Nose and V-shape Face Fillers, teeth whitening etc…
Simply put, you can have your full beauty transformation here!
Upon Googling I have also read up several positive reviews about the center and so I settled with Uber-Aesthetic Clinic.

A procedure that helps thousands of people straighten out their bumpy noses and chubby face without going under the knife, who wouldn’t want?

During the first consultation with Justin Boey, he told me I had a shorter face length, hence having a filler at my chin area will cause my face to look elongated and slimmer. Additionally, he has to add a little bit of filler at my tip of the nose, as well as the bridge to make it more 3-dimensional.

It’s been 2 weeks since I did my nose fillers & Botox for my jaw muscles over and I thought I would share with you guys my experience and how it looks now!

With Dr.Justin Boey

Here’s the interview with Dr Justin Boey:

After the consultation, a nurse then brought me to another room to remove my makeup from my nose & my jaw area & then numbing cream was applied.

So the method was to make an injection point at the tip of my nose and all the way to the top of the nose (an area between my eyes).
Then the fillers are slowly released on to the areas that needed height. the distribution of the fillers are so much more even and it forms a very nice straight height & best of all.. only 1 injection point!!
He was so gentle and I didn’t even feel pain at all!!

After he has deposited all the fillers he felt I needed, he then began to “mold & shape” it, this doesn’t hurt at all too! It is more like pinching motion to make my nose sharper & higher.

Here I am examining myself after my nose fillers were done and only took less than 5 mins. I was very happy with it as the subtle height difference really made my nose bridge pop!

This photo was taken immediately after the injection. Which is an immediate result!

Then we moved on to Botox for my jaw muscles.

The Botox process is done by injecting a purified protein that causes the muscles around the face to relax, reducing facial lines and wrinkles. This process takes only about 10 – 15 minutes and is typically done along the jaw line and forehead where traces of the jab would be less visible. A vibrating device was also used to distract me hence reducing the pain caused during the whole process.

The effects of Botox can only be physically seen over a couple of weeks but immediately 1-2 days after, you’ll feel your jaw muscles weaken and even find it tough to chew chicken breast or tough meat. Nothing to worry at all because that means the Botox did its job! To reduce your jaw muscles!

IMG 6858

Both procedures is a swift and painless, there was no bruising at all and ZERO downtime. The filler will usually last about eight months to a year before gradually completely metabolized by my body since it’s not instant and takes time.

To me, I’m always pro plastic surgery or aesthetic enhancement as long as you don’t over do it. Ready to get your confidence up with the sharper nose and V-shape face contour? Here is some info

How much does it cost for my treatment?
1) Nose Fillers • (Boleterol) 1 Unit- UP $900
(1 syringe is seriously more than enough for me because I still have LEFTOVERS)
But don’t worry, the leftovers will be kept at the Clinic and you can come back a few months later or whenever you feel like you need a top up!

2) Botox 50 Units- $25/unit = $1250.

If you are keen on doing any of the similar procedures that I did, you can call or email to Uber Aesthetic directly. Do head down for an assessment of your skin conditions or to find out if you are suitable for the nose fillers/Botox before you commit. And here is the Promo Code for you:
You may enjoy 1 Angels White Treatment worth $68 at Uber Aesthetic Serangoon outlet. Valid till 31st March 2018 for 1st timer only.

Just a quick disclaimer that while I like that aesthetic treatments and injectable can really improve my overall look, I don’t rely on them to boost my self-esteem and confidence. Just like makeup, I can live without them. I would also like to remind everyone that its best to consult with a trusted aesthetic doctor on your suitability before embarking on any aesthetic treatment.

D’Elegance Shapewear


Going through the pregnancy and childbirth process is amazing and truly a life-changing event. But, as wonderful as it may seem to be, it does come with a price that some of us may have to pay. Every woman’s pregnancy journey is different and the same goes for the postpartum journey as we all heal a little differently. My postpartum journey isn’t so smooth-sailing as losing weight has never been easy for me. Thinking about how much weight I have put on and how my body shape has changed is always a rather depressing issue. To regain my pre-pregnancy figure is no easy feat (at least for myself). It takes time for me and I am just thankful enough to have a little external help from SHAPEWEAR in maintaining my body shape beneath.
Not only has it helped me to maintain a good body shape visually, it has also greatly reduced the frequency and intensity of my back pains (an issue that I have after giving birth) as it corrects my standing posture. 
Finding a suitable and comfortable shapewear takes time. When I was planning to slim down for my wedding 4 years ago, I have had several unsatisfying experiences wearing different kinds of shapewear purchased from the department stores. Some were just too thick and weren’t so comfortable to wear it throughout for the entire day while some just didn’t achieve the results I have wanted. What is good at D’elegance is that they have a professional consultant to provide you with a finely tailor-made shapewear for your body. In addition, their shapewears are very trendy looking as it incorporates the latest novelty in fashion designing and the latest materials made available by technology.

A unique selling point is definitely their personalized consultation to help each customer to meet their body shape and needs. During my first visit to the clinic, I also got the chance to meet Ms Elida Teh, the founder of D’elegance, who is a very nice and personable lady. She was very open in sharing with me about her entrepreneurial journey thus far and her passion in creating the best functional shapewear for woman from all works of life is indeed palpable and inspiring. 

After the body measurements were taken, I tried on their essential products (eg. a body suit, long girdle and a bra) and was pretty amazed by the Japan-patented Wincool fabric technology which can help to lower skin temperature by up to 2°C when wore. While there are many products out there in the market that can feel rather restrictive, their products are made from light, airy soft fabric that is very breathable and stretchable. The firm stretch fabric provides light control on the tummy while the side panels cinch in my waist to create the dream hourglass figure.
After trying on the selected pieces and thereafter, a second reading was taken to show the effect of wearing shapewear.

Trying out in cosy fitting room

See what I’ve got.

Wearing Brassiere with Hook, Body suit, Long Girdle and vest
This was few months ago when I still have a big belly…haha

Bodysuit with Vest

This bodysuit has two functions. First, it helps to firm up the whole tummy and underarm area with moderate compression. Secondly, this also provides additional support to the bra. To make going to the washroom easier, this suit comes with snap buttons at the bottom.

This airy tulle long girdle is also perfectly designed to flatten my tummy and thigh area. The middle part of the girdle is non-elastic so as to hold down the abdomen area, while the sides are elastic so that it is easy to wear and remove. This long girdle will be able to lift up your butt, making it looks perkier. 
Specially crafted to shape body contours and to provide maximum back support, this vests allows me to maintain a good posture all the time. The amount of support and relief these girdles and waist slimmer provide is just great!

This time with the vest

D’elegance compliments the outfit with a brassiere which is designed to create a firm and flawless cleavage. Elida solved my major problem by teaching me the correct way of pushing the excess fat between armpit and breast to make it more centralized. She also told me to choose a thicker shoulder and back strap to attain maximum support as well as to ensure that the fats stay in the cup. 

This is my result at my tummy area after few month of wearing this for 6 hours each day. You can see my tummy got flatten obviously. (Remember have to be persistent to see result)

My favourite purple satin packaging which brings out the “Elegance” feel.

Whether you’re having an unhappy pear or apple shape body, there’s always shapewear out there for you to attain the slimmer look in clothes as it can reduce your waistline by 1-3 inches. Shape and craft your own perfect body with their pick and find out what suits your needs best! There is no need for any surgical procedures or eating of diet pills.

(worth $100) to all my readers. You can also qualify for an additional 5% discount on your first purchase. Simply quote “ANGELS YEUNG” when you are making the appointment and valid for 3 months.

1) Consultation Fee
They charge a consultation fee of S$197 for all first-time customers. This entitles you to:
1 hour of personal consultation 
A $197 D’Elegance Gift Voucher (no expiry date) that can be utilized any time you make a purchase at D’Elegance.
2) Their personal consultation sessions are by appointment only, so book your appointment in advance to secure your preferred timeslot.
International Plaza
10 Anson Road #03-15/16
Singapore 079903
Tel: 6226 3013
Facebook : D’Elegance

Personally, I’m the type who likes to attend social gathering events and have been to countless housewarming parties host by my friends and colleagues. I was supposed to organize one last year but was too busy settling down after giving birth to Anson BB. Hence, I had to drag until now.

Hosting people is my forte but definitely not cooking. With around 40 over friends and colleagues present on that day, I’m thankful that I’m able to get all the food ready for my guests via food catering services through Stamford Catering, a Halal certified arm under the Select Group of Companies which has more than a decade of experience in food catering.

I did a little research on the various caterers and here’s a list of pretty brief yet concise reasons why I decided to choose Stamford Catering.
➔ One of the most highly recommended caterers online, with special mentions to the excellent service provided
➔ Reasonable and competitive pricing
➔ Great variety of buffet catering menus to choose from. From Chinese to Malay and Indonesian, as well as themed dishes in Thai, Italian and Taiwanese cuisines. Other than premium catering, they even offer BBQ Catering and Live Station Catering! (a pretty wow factor for me)
➔ Halal certified
➔ Certified healthier choice caterer
➔ Attained international standards for food safety and hygiene level
➔ Catered to past international events such as the Youth Olympic Games and SEA Games

This time I’ve chose the Local Spread Special Buffet @ $12+/pax.
Indeed, Stamford Catering services have well exceeded my expectations! The staff arrived earlier than I had expected to prepare and arrange the food and presentation layout. Everything was readily set up by 12 pm. The packing up part was pretty swift as well. Didn’t encounter any issues with the staff or their services at all.

 One nice photo of the whole buffet style setting before the arrival of the guests...

One nice photo of the whole buffet style setting before the arrival of the guests…

Nicely set up

Nicely set up

One nice photo of the whole buffet style setting before the arrival of the guests…

Take a look from another angle

Take a look from another angle

Everything was kept simple and sweet…

Featuring the PRAWN PASTE CHICKEN (my hubby’s most favorite dish!) and the CANTONESE STYLE GARLIC FISH FILLET. Both were very flavorful!

Sushi Platter

The SUSHI PLATTER was the most popular among all the dishes. Our friends loved it so much that this platter was the first to be completely wiped out.

Vegetarian Pineapple Fried Rice

Their VEGETARIAN PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE was really tasty too, even better than those found in some of the Zhi Char stalls. I absolutely love the raisins in the fried rice as it gives a nice burst of sweetness and texture.


The CURRY VEGETABLE in an extremely rich and thick gravy.


And not forgetting their SIGNATURE OAT CEREAL PRAWN.


Lotus bao and Mee Goreng are also my favourite.


Here’s the dessert of the day: CHILLED SAGO MELAKA dessert!

Overall, I would highly recommend engaging Stamford Catering for any events ranging from corporate annual dinners, wedding banquets to private home parties. Why? High food quality and excellent service offered! Wide variety of buffet catering menus, punctuality of the food, set up was presentable and most importantly, the food tasted superb!

Definitely a must-try food caterer for any social or corporate events!
You can enjoy up to 15% off for their buffets when you order online.
Log on to here for more information:

Our First Overseas Trip with Anson BB





Going on a holiday with an infant for the first time can be a rather daunting task especially for first timers like myself but it is not as impossible as it may seem. Knowing what to expect and preparing for the trip is essential as it will help to ease the bumps along the way. Now that Anson is old enough to travel, we decided maybe it’s time for us to bring him to experience his first international flight and explore the world.

Born in Hong Kong, I have spent nine years of my childhood living there before migrating to Singapore. And since my husband is a half Hong Konger, we would usually go back to Hong Kong at least once in a year to visit my grandma and both his and my relatives and friends. Every time we return, we will usually visit the same old places to eat and shop. I thought I knew the city very well. However, this recent trip to Hong Kong with Anson was totally a different experience as both my husband and I had to take care of him. Thankfully, I have my mother-in-law traveling with us as well. During the trip, you will have to find ways to make the trip easy and comfortable for your baby and yourself, which at times can be challenging. Nonetheless, we prevailed but at the expense of not having much time to shop.


Here’s what I have learned on my first family trip with a six-month-old baby to Hong Kong.

1) Have a Baby Essentials Backpack

First of all, having a travel medical kit is essential for anyone who’s traveling. Having a baby on board, it is important to make sure you have all the basic medications for your baby too, e.g. baby Panadol, diarrhea meds and rehydration salts from your baby’s pediatrician. Remember to bring along syringes too, thermometer and lip balm as well (as the air can be quite dry at times).

If you are worried that your child may need pacifying due to the ear pressure while flying, do make sure you have your pacifier ready. I always make sure he is sucking on one during takeoff and landing. If not, you can also give your baby some milk or water to combat the air pressure too. Be sure to load up on toys or anything that can keep your baby occupied and pray that he takes a good long nap. Also, make sure you always bring along extra diapers, formula, snacks, water and sufficient clothes to prevent him from falling sick. The number of things to pack was mad but I think my husband and I did a fairly good job as a first-time mummy and daddy.

2) Fill up Baby before Moving

I am blessed that my boy never showed any signs of crankiness or fussiness on board. This is highly attributable to my professional mother-in-law who kept pacifying him during the flight. One point to note always is to feed your baby before moving off even if you have fed your baby an hour ago. This is just to make sure your baby is absolutely satisfied and happy to go.

3) Babywear is Important


i\’m so proud of myself as i climb while baby wearing anson to this 200 over steps of 天坛大佛

Hong Kong is a densely-populated city. It is challenging enough to be a pedestrian on the narrow and busy pavements, much less to push a stroller around with your baby on board. Flights of stairs are also a common sight there, stairs to go up to buildings and stairs when transiting via the MTR. My poor husband had to carry the stroller and the luggage up and down so many times a day especially when we were transiting using the MTR. Instead of gaining weight in this trip, it gave him a lot of opportunities to exercise. Hence, Hong Kong is definitely not the best place for a stroller. So, the best option is to BABYWEAR and thankfully, I have my colorful PIXLATED TULA. Once inside the carrier, Anson will naturally fall asleep within 5 minutes. This way, you can spend less time coaxing your baby to sleep and have more time for yourself.

If you haven’t gotten around this whole baby-carrying gig, better start soon if you wish to travel with a baby. Don’t wait until you have booked your holiday before you try fitting your baby inside because chances are, they will be uncomfortable with it and hate it. You need some time for your baby to be accustomed with it.

4) Invest in a Light-weight, Foldable Stroller

Though stroller isn’t a good idea, you will need to do a lot of walking in Hong Kong and it can be very exhausting if you were to carry your baby the whole day shopping around. Some of the larger shopping centers are generally quite spacious and have ample lifts. Thus, navigating and going floor to floor with your stroller wasn’t much of a hassle. In some of the mega malls, you can even loan a baby stroller for free.

Ultimately, I would highly recommend you to invest in a light-weight stroller. Do also note that accidents happened in MTR have been reported from time to time and it is always important to pay attention to the following:

1. Stroller caught in the gap between train and platform;
2. Stroller caught between the train doors; and
3. Fall from the escalator.

5) Note when taking Taxi



The most convenient form of public transportation in Hong Kong (probably our most used transport tool) would be their taxi in my opinion. It is cheap and they are simply almost everywhere! The only concern is the safety factor as there are no legal requirements in Hong Kong for babies and children to have car seats so hold onto them tight when you are in taxis because some cab drivers do drive like maniacs! In addition, there will be additional charges if you were to put your stroller in the car boot.

6) Baby Change Facilities are Rare

You can’t find as many nice nursing and diaper changing rooms in Hong Kong as compared to Singapore. Even at a famous 5-star Peninsular Hotel, the hotel staff had to bring me to a spa room when I needed to pump milk urgently. Most of the time, the only facility you can find is a change table in the ladies’ toilet only. Hence, there won’t be any diaper changing bonding time between Daddy and the baby. At an occasion when we were at a Yum Cha restaurant having our lunch, we had no choice but to change in the stroller as the toilet was so dirty and wet.

8) Rent a Pocket Wi-Fi
Nowadays, it is so important to stay connected at all times because of our addiction to social media and our constant need to check our WhatsApp, emails and to upload the latest photos onto Instagram… Hence, getting unlimited data roaming with your subscriber or buying a local SIM card are some of the options to consider when you travel. Apart from this, you can also opt to rent an overseas Wi-Fi router from Changi Recommends.

You can take this Wi-Fi device anywhere you go and be connected all the time, even on the roads during a road trip. The only thing you need to worry about is the device running out of battery. Nevertheless, there is a power bank provided in the pack that you can use to keep it charged. This global router can connect up to eight devices simultaneously, regardless of whether it is your smartphone, laptop or tablet and right now, they are having a promotion. With just $5/day rates for Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea and Thailand, you get to stay connected for as low as $1/day when you share it with a group of 5!

The rental part is easy. Just book the device online and collect it at the Airport Terminal which you have indicated during the booking process.

IMG 4177 IMG 4179

9) Wear a Comfortable Shoe

Last but not least, you will definitely need a pair of super comfortable shoes especially when you have your baby with you. As said, you will have to do a lot of walking in Hong Kong and if you are using public transport like the MTR, some of the stations do not have escalators or lifts but only stairs. Moreover, the pavements in Hong Kong can be quite uneven. Thus, it is always good to equip yourself with a good pair of comfortable walking shoes.

So that is it. The above are some of the things to take note when traveling with a baby in Hong Kong. Overall, I really enjoyed the time spent with my baby and relatives and I can’t wait to plan for our next family trip as “Babies come in free until they’re three”. So why not take advantage of this? Moreover, children are fast learners and giving them the opportunities to travel often can help to stimulate their curiosities and widen their horizons.



IMG 3173


IMG 4529


IMG 3212-2-240x300


IMG 3184


IMG 4100


Giving birth is a life-changing experience and being a first-time mother, this experience has really changed my life in many ways. At the start, it was physically challenging and there were times when I felt helpless not knowing how to handle my newborn… But I am blessed to have my hubby and family for being there with me, providing the postpartum support I needed. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without my confinement nanny, Aunty Ling’s help from Confinement Angels. She was really a god sent angel to me who cleared all my doubts and gave me ample advice on how I can handle my newborn effectively.

with confinement nanny Aunty Ling

Choosing the right confinement nanny is crucial because both you and your baby deserve the best post-partum care. For the soon-to-be moms, out there, here are some of the qualities you should definitely look out for when selecting the right one.

1) Be Qualified

First of all, make sure they are qualified. During my pregnancy term, I read many positive online reviews about Confinement Angels and I got to know that Confinement Angels is a confinement nanny agency accredited as Partner of Thomson ParentCraft Centre, under Thomson Hospital. Their confinement nannies are all strictly trained based on Thomson ParentCraft’s syllabus with the right method for hand washing, baby bathing, carrying a baby, baby hygiene, baby burping, sanitizing of baby items, knowledge of confinement herbs, confinement ‘Do’ and ‘Dont’s’ and hands on practical training. In addition, their nannies have to undergo a stringent examination under Thomson’s examiners and only those who have passed the test will become their Qualified Nannies. The high standards set and their stringent selection process really gave me the assurance that my baby will be in good hands.

2) ResponsibleConfinement Nanny

Secondly, it is definitely of utmost important to find a nanny who is responsible. I would like to mention that my nanny is not only a responsible and reliable nanny but also one who truly loves children. She is really someone who I can certainly entrust my baby under her care. Not only that, she ensures that I am well-rested by taking over all the overnight duties of looking after my baby. For me, my duty is just to pump breastmilk and store them nicely in the fridge. That’s all! And with that, my excellent Aunty Ling does the rest! She even went out of her job scope as a nanny and did my household chores. I am really amazed at her abundant of energy and am curious where did she even get all the energy from? She barely just slept for 3-4 hours a day almost consecutively for 1 month to take care of me and my boy. With such little sleep, she still could maintain her alertness throughout the day and this is what I really admire about her. During one of our chit chat sessions, I also got to know that she often handle twins cases alone, isn’t it amazing?

3) Knowledgeable and Experienced

Not only did Aunty Ling cared for my boy, she also taught me ample useful tips when dealing with my baby such as how to stop him from crying, what is the right way of feeding him and sharing with me the importance of having high hygiene standards etc…

Throughout my pregnancy, I had severe water retention. Knowing this, she stopped me from eating food that contains high salt content and specially boiled herbal soup containing ingredients that will help to reduce water retention. My swollen body managed to return to my normal size in less than 2 weeks! She also advised me not to drink while standing as this is bad for my uterus. Till now, I still miss the times when she often shares with me her past experiences when dealing with other babies.

4) Good Communication and Caring

Knowing that both my husband’s and my family were from Hong Kong and speaks mainly Cantonese, the boss from Confinement Angels specially arranged a nanny who is able to communicate well in Cantonese. Initially, I was also having some problems with breastfeeding and Aunty Ling really provided me with constant encouragement and support. Thanks to her caring and dedicated service, I was able to rest well and recover fast after one week since my delivery.

With a reputable agency like that, you can never go wrong. Just keep in mind some of these qualities and you will be on your way to knowing and finding the right nanny for you and your baby. Initially, I was abit worried that I will be bored at home throughout the confinement stage as I am more of an “outdoor” person… but with Aunty Ling around, 30 days really went passed quite quickly! Even my Grandma and aunties who came to visit me from Hong Kong and stayed with us for 4 days, they too (especially my grandma) were feeling emotional to see her leave on her last day.

After staying under the same roof for 1 month, it is indeed sad to see her go just like that, knowing that I will miss the chit chat sessions… I also knew that probably it is time for me to begin a fresh and exciting new chapter with my son and my husband. Nevertheless, I am really thankful to have Confinement Angels and Aunty Ling around which gave me a memorable confinement experience!


Met a friend recently who came to my baby shower and she commented the full month cake was so beautiful that she can’t bear to eat. Indeed the cakes were not only beautifully presented but also fresh and delectable. Especially the ang ku kueh was definitely the best tasting in the box. No coconut but the soft skin and bean filling were way decent. The kids love the rabbit n bear cake which is “Hello Baby Design”, and cupcakes were so popular among them.
Complimentary baby cards (with baby’s photo) were also inserted in every box.


Thanks to Choz for the cute design yummy cakes. Share this good news to those who is planning for the baby full month, wedding or party. They are having Buy 10 get 1 free promotion.
Order hotline: +65 6235 2281
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Anson 1st Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower does require an element of organization for the party to go off without a hitch. While the focus is, naturally, on the mother-to-be and her adorable baby bump, it’s definitely fun to throw a memorable party for everyone to celebrate.
To help get you inspired for the look and feel that you can create for the most beautiful baby shower, consider my baby shower decoration ideas and throw a celebration that will be truly memorable for everyone.

My boy OOTD for that day!
IMG 7591

The first thing to do when brainstorming your baby shower decoration ideas is to choose a THEME. Pick a color depending on whether your party is for a baby boy or baby girl. On behalf of my boy, I’ve picked my favorite color, BLUE. Which usually represent “boy”.
I decorated a special corner to act like a photo booth and it became the center of attraction with all the flashlight. And all thanks to the one-stop online party store, Party Monster that satisfies all my party needs!

IMG 7621 IMG 7724

They have a vast selection of party themes and extensive range of party supplies and balloons for all occasions. It brings sparkle to your party with its balloon pairing and balloon decoration.

Here’s is the Special balloons to make the party extraordinary.
IMG 7620

Ranging from popular licensed character themes like Dora the Explorer, Mickey Clubhouse, Disney Princesses, My Little Pony, and MANY MORE!

Love their various design of personalized banner and I was spoilt for choices due to many designs.

IMG 7619 IMG 7786

Be it personal celebrating events like Birthday, Wedding or festive occasions like New Year, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Hari Raya Puasa, Party Monster have got you covered.

Do check out their extensive quality range of party supplies at great prices on their website, they have the different party package for you to choose from which is really worthwhile.

With these baby shower decoration ideas and their hassle-free online shopping system, you will hopefully feel inspired to know what kind of decor that you will have when throwing your baby shower so that it will truly be an amazing event to celebrate the coming new life.

Also special thanks to a surprise guest Celebrity Huang Su Fang for attending the party!
IMG 7738

Also thanks to Mother In Law for the red egg.

IMG 7611

On behalf of my son, thanks to all special appearance and the gifts. Especially to those who purposely rush down though busy and family member for helping. Special thanks to these sponsor for making the party a successful one:
SG Baby Club
Venue: Lee Jenny
Fullmonth cake and customised cupcakes Choz Confectionery


Newborn photography: @kidspictures

Banner and Balloon Decoration:Party Monster Singapore

Venue Decoration: The Party Curators

Diaper Bouquet: BabyBouquets
IMG 7615

Diaper Cake: Baby Diapers Cake
IMG 7618


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