Prior to pregnancy, I never had any serious acne problems. But ever since I got pregnant last year, I started to have severe acne breakouts on my face. It was like a warzone… I felt like I had the most horrible skin with cysts and bumps appearing almost everywhere, particularly on my forehead and chin. The thought of seeking medical treatment did cross my mind during the pregnancy stage last year. However, being much of a traditional woman (patang), I was very afraid that the medications would affect my baby. Not wanting to take any risks, I decided to avoid taking medications at all costs and chose to wait. Thinking that the breakouts would only last during pregnancy stage and will clear after childbirth, I was extremely wrong. The situation only got uncontrollably worse after the birth of my baby boy. I am not exaggerating but this is seriously what happened to my face. The breakouts continued and the pimple scars were not clearing at all!

With the several acne breakouts and scars that were not clearing, I was extremely depressed. I had never really faced with such serious acne breakouts in my entire life before. Not only was it visually unsightly, the volume of inflammation on my face also caused much redness and irritation. For the first time, I was really desperate at that moment. I did a little research to find out what was really happening to me. I realised I was actually suffering from postpartum acne which is caused by a severe fluctuation in hormones that your body goes through immediately after childbirth. Some women in their postpartum days’ experience severe acne breakouts while others may only have a few small pimples here and there. Apparently, my case was the former one. I had no choice but to seek medical advice and treatment from Dr Chiam, Face, Body and Skin Aesthetic Medical Centre (FBS).

Dr Chiam recommended me to undergo a QuadroStar Pro Yellow Laser treatment. This treatment is one of the latest laser technologies in the market and I was told that it can be used to treat a variety of common skin conditions such as:
● Pigmentations
● Redness of skin, or rosacea
● Acne
● Small vessels on the face
● Enlarged pores
● Skin tags

As FBS is the first clinic in Singapore to own this laser machine, it has a wealth of experience in using this machine. I was advised that most patients had noticed a visible brightening of the skin even after just one treatment, therefore they also affectionately call this laser their “Brightening laser”. The treatment carries minimal downtime for the patient and any redness experienced after the laser usually resolves within a couple of hours. There might be mild scabbing of pigment areas 3-4 days after the treatment but in general, the treatment usually poses no inconvenience for our patients.

I had to say I was really impressed after my first treatment. There was some redness afterwards, but it’s perfectly normal and it goes away really quickly. I did see did see a noticeable improvement in my skin condition after the laser treatment as some of my pimples have subsided. Many people would be concerned of the pain but I would say that it was not painful at all. It was a fast process and it just felt like ant bites which lasted only for a few seconds. Do stay tuned to find out more about my subsequent treatments which I will be going for to clear my pimple scars.

See result after a few treatment less than 3 months. By right should take more than 6 months to cure. There’s big difference.

I really love their wide-range of services and home care products. If you are currently experiencing other types of skin conditions, FBS also offer holistic aesthetic treatments ranging from hydra facials, ski boosters, lasers, V-lifts and body contouring. They also have their own line of all-natural skincare products ranging from cleansers, toners, moisturizers and essences. These paraben-free products are all made in Switzerland and are formulated for normal to sensitive skin types.

Gain back my smooth and radiance skin for filming new projects.

So if you need more information or would like to book an appointment for a skin/ body consultation, you can contact them directly at:

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