Finally, I’ve made it through the first year of parenthood! It feels like just yesterday when I gave birth to Anson and brought him home. Time flies indeed. Now, Anson just had his first Superman-themed birthday party. Even though some might say why celebrate when the baby won’t even be able to remember the party, it is important to believe that a child’s first birthday should definitely be a day to celebrate as it marks a very special milestone in the child’s life. Moreover, all the memories and moments captured in photos and videos allow us as parents, to relive the moment again and share with him about it when he gets older. After all, I don’t think I can have a say organizing his 21st birthday party.

For me, being able to celebrate the first year of being a mother to my child is a milestone I will never want to forget as I managed to give birth to a healthy baby even though I have a rare medical condition.
(For those who is interested in my birth story, here’s the link…)

Knowing how to plan the first birthday party can be tough. So, if you’re looking to throw a first birthday party for your little one, here are some (not exhaustive) tips for planning the perfect birthday bash for your loved ones. From venue to decoration, I’ve got everything covered.

There are 3 major ingredients that go into every party: Venue, Theme, and Activities. Having them all aligned is important to throw a successful party. The most important part of the party (in addition to the birthday boy/girl), is where the party is going to be held, because the actual location will determine the theme, atmosphere, the number of turn up, as well as, the food for the party.

Here are some important questions you should ask yourself before booking a party venue:
Size of the party room?
Amount of time allocated for the party?
What time is the room available for set-up?
How crowded is the place?
How many other parties will be happening at the same time?
How is the seating arrangement?
Can I bring in external activities or entertainment?
Is Sound System available?
Able to decorate the venue?

Another important thing to enquire about is definitely on the FOOD. Most places do include food in their party package, but the selection can be very limited.

Here are some of the questions you will have to check:
What types of kid’s food?
Can I choose the food?
How much food is included per child?
What will be the charges if I bring outside food & drinks for the babies and kids?
Are party plates, tablecloths and cutlery included?

After one month of planning and sourcing for venues, my husband and I have decided to host our son’s 1st Birthday party @ Blisshouse theme restaurant. This was a 100% right decision due to its amazing ambience and central location which made it easily accessible. Not forgetting, the main reason is also because my husband and I had celebrated our wedding anniversary here a year ago when Anson BB was still in my belly.

Named after a legendary love story, the restaurant allure lies in its fantasy, fairy tale interior. It is definitely hard not to feel a sense of bliss when dining here. Entering Blisshouse is like a step into a whimsical garden planted with numerous photo opportunity spots; carriage, water fountain, porch swing, grand piano. There is even a mini bridge for you to cross over from the bar to the inner side of the restaurant, where my baby’s first birthday party was held. It is a super instagram-worthy place. Most of my friends were not even aware that such a wonderful hang out place exists.

I was told that many couples do come here to have their wedding shots taken here and was surprised that there is even a mini makeup studio and changing room available too. Blisshouse has played host to not just wedding solemnizations, but many events such as product launches and workshops, birthday parties and various artiste meet-the-fans sessions as well.

Just drop them an email or call them up on your request and they will try their best to cater to how you want your dream celebrations to be! They can also arrange buffet style setup if you wish to just like mine.

On their menu, you can get to find an array of classic Italian dishes alongside some modern European cuisine, which comes as beautifully presented as the restaurant itself.

Their General Manager, Alex whom I liaised with really gave me professional advices on the seating arrangements, suggestions on where to place the decorations e.g. banner and welcome board and the buffet setup.

To Alex, Danial and the staff, thank you for all the help and service for making my baby boy’s birthday party such a success! All my family and friends were very pleased with the food and prompt services. I will definitely be back for more.

A photo with the boss Alex and Danial

Thanks to Fun at Balloons for the creative nice Captain America Deco. @funatballoons
Lady Boss Fiona

Thanks to Dessert.cup for the yummy pretty 3 tier cake, cake pop and cupcake. They have so many flavors to choose from. @dessert.cup

Thanks to my best emcee Vivien for the balloon show and Sweetheart the Clown show to entertain my kids guest.
Nice design by talented Vivien

Not to forget colorful poster and gift bag tag as well as milestone board designed by Fadzlina from @colourmyparty, and she also owned another design company call Engraved Memories. (

Thanks to Tiny T Diaper Cake for the Captain America diaper. I used it as photoshoot props too.

Anson’s outfit by Tiny Babies

Videographer by Jamie Chua

Also check out the nice place of blissful house

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Tel: 62255532