With Lady Boss Connie

Nobody is perfect, just like no one will ever think he/she looks perfect. I always complain about my chubby looking face and how it expands when is on screen, which surprisingly a lot of people envy about my chubby face and fuller cheek bone as it makes me look young, but to be honest, I still hoping for a slimmer face.
As for my nose, from the view of my side profile, many said I have a high nasal bone. However, you will see that my nose is actually not pointy enough and the gap between my eyes should be closer. Moreover, I have a short forehead which causes my face to look even wider. Preparing to film for upcoming Channel 8 drama 知星人, I decided I must do something about it to enhance my overall personal image.

Last month I was invited by Affluent PR to “The Science Behind Beauty” workshop to learn about some popular face aesthetic treatments in the market being offered in Uber Aesthetic Clinic.
This workshop reveals a series of non-invasive procedures which can be safely used for the face and body. Led by a team of renowned doctors, Dr. Frank Lee, Dr. Shane Abucewicz Tan and Dr. Justin Boey, you can expect a high level of top-notch aesthetic treatments using the latest technologies at Uber Aesthetic which includes Tread left, Coolsculpting, Nose and V-shape Face Fillers, teeth whitening etc…
Simply put, you can have your full beauty transformation here!
Upon Googling I have also read up several positive reviews about the center and so I settled with Uber-Aesthetic Clinic.

A procedure that helps thousands of people straighten out their bumpy noses and chubby face without going under the knife, who wouldn’t want?

During the first consultation with Justin Boey, he told me I had a shorter face length, hence having a filler at my chin area will cause my face to look elongated and slimmer. Additionally, he has to add a little bit of filler at my tip of the nose, as well as the bridge to make it more 3-dimensional.

It’s been 2 weeks since I did my nose fillers & Botox for my jaw muscles over and I thought I would share with you guys my experience and how it looks now!

With Dr.Justin Boey

Here’s the interview with Dr Justin Boey:

After the consultation, a nurse then brought me to another room to remove my makeup from my nose & my jaw area & then numbing cream was applied.

So the method was to make an injection point at the tip of my nose and all the way to the top of the nose (an area between my eyes).
Then the fillers are slowly released on to the areas that needed height. the distribution of the fillers are so much more even and it forms a very nice straight height & best of all.. only 1 injection point!!
He was so gentle and I didn’t even feel pain at all!!

After he has deposited all the fillers he felt I needed, he then began to “mold & shape” it, this doesn’t hurt at all too! It is more like pinching motion to make my nose sharper & higher.

Here I am examining myself after my nose fillers were done and only took less than 5 mins. I was very happy with it as the subtle height difference really made my nose bridge pop!

This photo was taken immediately after the injection. Which is an immediate result!

Then we moved on to Botox for my jaw muscles.

The Botox process is done by injecting a purified protein that causes the muscles around the face to relax, reducing facial lines and wrinkles. This process takes only about 10 – 15 minutes and is typically done along the jaw line and forehead where traces of the jab would be less visible. A vibrating device was also used to distract me hence reducing the pain caused during the whole process.

The effects of Botox can only be physically seen over a couple of weeks but immediately 1-2 days after, you’ll feel your jaw muscles weaken and even find it tough to chew chicken breast or tough meat. Nothing to worry at all because that means the Botox did its job! To reduce your jaw muscles!

IMG 6858

Both procedures is a swift and painless, there was no bruising at all and ZERO downtime. The filler will usually last about eight months to a year before gradually completely metabolized by my body since it’s not instant and takes time.

To me, I’m always pro plastic surgery or aesthetic enhancement as long as you don’t over do it. Ready to get your confidence up with the sharper nose and V-shape face contour? Here is some info

How much does it cost for my treatment?
1) Nose Fillers • (Boleterol) 1 Unit- UP $900
(1 syringe is seriously more than enough for me because I still have LEFTOVERS)
But don’t worry, the leftovers will be kept at the Clinic and you can come back a few months later or whenever you feel like you need a top up!

2) Botox 50 Units- $25/unit = $1250.

If you are keen on doing any of the similar procedures that I did, you can call or email to Uber Aesthetic directly. Do head down for an assessment of your skin conditions or to find out if you are suitable for the nose fillers/Botox before you commit. And here is the Promo Code for you:
You may enjoy 1 Angels White Treatment worth $68 at Uber Aesthetic Serangoon outlet. Valid till 31st March 2018 for 1st timer only.

Just a quick disclaimer that while I like that aesthetic treatments and injectable can really improve my overall look, I don’t rely on them to boost my self-esteem and confidence. Just like makeup, I can live without them. I would also like to remind everyone that its best to consult with a trusted aesthetic doctor on your suitability before embarking on any aesthetic treatment.