Going through the pregnancy and childbirth process is amazing and truly a life-changing event. But, as wonderful as it may seem to be, it does come with a price that some of us may have to pay. Every woman’s pregnancy journey is different and the same goes for the postpartum journey as we all heal a little differently. My postpartum journey isn’t so smooth-sailing as losing weight has never been easy for me. Thinking about how much weight I have put on and how my body shape has changed is always a rather depressing issue. To regain my pre-pregnancy figure is no easy feat (at least for myself). It takes time for me and I am just thankful enough to have a little external help from SHAPEWEAR in maintaining my body shape beneath.
Not only has it helped me to maintain a good body shape visually, it has also greatly reduced the frequency and intensity of my back pains (an issue that I have after giving birth) as it corrects my standing posture. 
Finding a suitable and comfortable shapewear takes time. When I was planning to slim down for my wedding 4 years ago, I have had several unsatisfying experiences wearing different kinds of shapewear purchased from the department stores. Some were just too thick and weren’t so comfortable to wear it throughout for the entire day while some just didn’t achieve the results I have wanted. What is good at D’elegance is that they have a professional consultant to provide you with a finely tailor-made shapewear for your body. In addition, their shapewears are very trendy looking as it incorporates the latest novelty in fashion designing and the latest materials made available by technology.

A unique selling point is definitely their personalized consultation to help each customer to meet their body shape and needs. During my first visit to the clinic, I also got the chance to meet Ms Elida Teh, the founder of D’elegance, who is a very nice and personable lady. She was very open in sharing with me about her entrepreneurial journey thus far and her passion in creating the best functional shapewear for woman from all works of life is indeed palpable and inspiring. 

After the body measurements were taken, I tried on their essential products (eg. a body suit, long girdle and a bra) and was pretty amazed by the Japan-patented Wincool fabric technology which can help to lower skin temperature by up to 2°C when wore. While there are many products out there in the market that can feel rather restrictive, their products are made from light, airy soft fabric that is very breathable and stretchable. The firm stretch fabric provides light control on the tummy while the side panels cinch in my waist to create the dream hourglass figure.
After trying on the selected pieces and thereafter, a second reading was taken to show the effect of wearing shapewear.

Trying out in cosy fitting room

See what I’ve got.

Wearing Brassiere with Hook, Body suit, Long Girdle and vest
This was few months ago when I still have a big belly…haha

Bodysuit with Vest

This bodysuit has two functions. First, it helps to firm up the whole tummy and underarm area with moderate compression. Secondly, this also provides additional support to the bra. To make going to the washroom easier, this suit comes with snap buttons at the bottom.

This airy tulle long girdle is also perfectly designed to flatten my tummy and thigh area. The middle part of the girdle is non-elastic so as to hold down the abdomen area, while the sides are elastic so that it is easy to wear and remove. This long girdle will be able to lift up your butt, making it looks perkier. 
Specially crafted to shape body contours and to provide maximum back support, this vests allows me to maintain a good posture all the time. The amount of support and relief these girdles and waist slimmer provide is just great!

This time with the vest

D’elegance compliments the outfit with a brassiere which is designed to create a firm and flawless cleavage. Elida solved my major problem by teaching me the correct way of pushing the excess fat between armpit and breast to make it more centralized. She also told me to choose a thicker shoulder and back strap to attain maximum support as well as to ensure that the fats stay in the cup. 

This is my result at my tummy area after few month of wearing this for 6 hours each day. You can see my tummy got flatten obviously. (Remember have to be persistent to see result)

My favourite purple satin packaging which brings out the “Elegance” feel.

Whether you’re having an unhappy pear or apple shape body, there’s always shapewear out there for you to attain the slimmer look in clothes as it can reduce your waistline by 1-3 inches. Shape and craft your own perfect body with their pick and find out what suits your needs best! There is no need for any surgical procedures or eating of diet pills.

(worth $100) to all my readers. You can also qualify for an additional 5% discount on your first purchase. Simply quote “ANGELS YEUNG” when you are making the appointment and valid for 3 months.
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1) Consultation Fee
They charge a consultation fee of S$197 for all first-time customers. This entitles you to:
1 hour of personal consultation 
A $197 D’Elegance Gift Voucher (no expiry date) that can be utilized any time you make a purchase at D’Elegance.
2) Their personal consultation sessions are by appointment only, so book your appointment in advance to secure your preferred timeslot.
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