Personally, I’m the type who likes to attend social gathering events and have been to countless housewarming parties host by my friends and colleagues. I was supposed to organize one last year but was too busy settling down after giving birth to Anson BB. Hence, I had to drag until now.

Hosting people is my forte but definitely not cooking. With around 40 over friends and colleagues present on that day, I’m thankful that I’m able to get all the food ready for my guests via food catering services through Stamford Catering, a Halal certified arm under the Select Group of Companies which has more than a decade of experience in food catering.

I did a little research on the various caterers and here’s a list of pretty brief yet concise reasons why I decided to choose Stamford Catering.
➔ One of the most highly recommended caterers online, with special mentions to the excellent service provided
➔ Reasonable and competitive pricing
➔ Great variety of buffet catering menus to choose from. From Chinese to Malay and Indonesian, as well as themed dishes in Thai, Italian and Taiwanese cuisines. Other than premium catering, they even offer BBQ Catering and Live Station Catering! (a pretty wow factor for me)
➔ Halal certified
➔ Certified healthier choice caterer
➔ Attained international standards for food safety and hygiene level
➔ Catered to past international events such as the Youth Olympic Games and SEA Games

This time I’ve chose the Local Spread Special Buffet @ $12+/pax.
Indeed, Stamford Catering services have well exceeded my expectations! The staff arrived earlier than I had expected to prepare and arrange the food and presentation layout. Everything was readily set up by 12 pm. The packing up part was pretty swift as well. Didn’t encounter any issues with the staff or their services at all.

 One nice photo of the whole buffet style setting before the arrival of the guests...

One nice photo of the whole buffet style setting before the arrival of the guests…

Nicely set up

Nicely set up

One nice photo of the whole buffet style setting before the arrival of the guests…

Take a look from another angle

Take a look from another angle

Everything was kept simple and sweet…

Featuring the PRAWN PASTE CHICKEN (my hubby’s most favorite dish!) and the CANTONESE STYLE GARLIC FISH FILLET. Both were very flavorful!

Sushi Platter

The SUSHI PLATTER was the most popular among all the dishes. Our friends loved it so much that this platter was the first to be completely wiped out.

Vegetarian Pineapple Fried Rice

Their VEGETARIAN PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE was really tasty too, even better than those found in some of the Zhi Char stalls. I absolutely love the raisins in the fried rice as it gives a nice burst of sweetness and texture.


The CURRY VEGETABLE in an extremely rich and thick gravy.


And not forgetting their SIGNATURE OAT CEREAL PRAWN.


Lotus bao and Mee Goreng are also my favourite.


Here’s the dessert of the day: CHILLED SAGO MELAKA dessert!

Overall, I would highly recommend engaging Stamford Catering for any events ranging from corporate annual dinners, wedding banquets to private home parties. Why? High food quality and excellent service offered! Wide variety of buffet catering menus, punctuality of the food, set up was presentable and most importantly, the food tasted superb!

Definitely a must-try food caterer for any social or corporate events!
You can enjoy up to 15% off for their buffets when you order online.
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