It is said that post-natal confinement stage is the next crucial period after giving birth. According to the Chinese culture, this is the best time for mothers to replenish what they have “lost” during the nine months of pregnancy and restore their health while recovering at home.

To ensure a smooth and speedy recovery, it is important to pay close attention to your daily meals and plan a healthy and balanced diet. But I am sure not everyone (including myself) is able to prepare a set of confinement meals that is not only delicious but one that meets the required nutrition needs. Fortunately, I have “The Natal Kitchen” to take care of that.

Through a friend’s recommendation, I got the chance to go for a confinement food tasting at “The Natal Kitchen” during the early stages of my pregnancy. As it was my first time, I was pretty excited about it. Natal Kitchen prepared a few delicious dishes and shared with me various nutritional information of the food.


I was told that their confinement meals are specially planned with Chinese herbs and ingredients to ensure that it meets the required dietary needs and the internal body balance of a new mother so as to speed up the recovery process. To sum it all up, all their meals are packed with nutrients and are of medicinal value. Besides using fresh ingredients, knowing they have no MSG in all their meals is also a plus point for me! I also love how they always serve the meals with ginger slices which is very helpful in reducing bloatedness which is an issue that I always face.

Every meal comes with 2 servings of longan red date tea to replace plain water. Brown rice, which is a healthier choice as compared to plain rice, will be served on every Tuesday and Thursday. On top of that, Traditional Papaya Fish Soup, which is good for breastfeeding mother, is also served occasionally. I had to say this has certainly helped to boost my milk supply to a large extent. Their soup was excellent—not just nourishing but also flavourful and robust with herbs without being overwhelmingly, just like my mom-in-law’s long-simmered soups aka 老火汤. Natal Kitchen also spices up the menu with dessert every Friday (I’m sure all mummies would love it). There are also special dishes like pig trotters cooked in black vinegar which is one of my most favourite dishes!


My first impression was, the meals were neatly presented and looked very appetizing. When I first received the meals on my first day of confinement, I was concerned that the food wouldn’t be as hot as I expected due to the delivery time to my house. On the contrary, the food was still hot – thanks to the thermal bag. The meals were all nicely vacuumed-sealed to prevent any spillage. In addition, the meals are easy to heat up with the microwaveable packaging.

I am a big eater. I love to eat buffet and I can eat a variety of cuisines at one time. I will be super hungry at times especially after breastfeeding. Hence, I am always happy to see a huge serving size and a variety of dishes for me to choose from the menu. Sometimes, I would even have left-overs for supper.

Other than having tasty food, excellent service is important. I must thank Natal Kitchen for answering all my queries. I am really satisfied with their services and am thankful that I am well taken care of during my confinement period.